Commercial space flight is now @SpaceX

Beyond impressive, looking forward to more developments!

SpaceX Launches Falcon 9 Rocket On High-Stakes Commercial Satellite Mission -

Moto X - Design Yours - HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE, credit check?

"It is one of the dumbest online experiences I have ever experienced".

I recently tried to purchase a Moto X phone from the “moto maker” website and it was not a smooth experience.  It was actually a terrible experience—one of those where you feel like a fool without being able to checkout.  Let’s start with the goal of my online shop: to buy a new phone.

After designing a cool red phone and adding it to my cart, I had to enter in my Verizon account info to confirm that I am a Verizon customer.  Then you must enter your Verizon billing and shipping info on the next screen.  One would then think they would be able to simply checkout with their custom-designed phone, but NO…

Motorola and Verizon tag-team this one to throw you an RA Dickey knuckleball and then trade you to the Blue Jays after winning the Cy Young Award.  Oh wait, that was the Mets.  Back to the Moto X Designed By Me, the next screen that appeared after it took sometime to select the state option in the shipping option (about 15 minutes since each time you dropdown the state selection the screen jumps to the top of the form).  Once you have filled in this personal info, moto maker then tags Verizon into the ring to have a credit check form appear asking you to put in your SSN and other personal details.  This is definitely not information I want to share with moto maker to get a phone online and is a huge “gorilla wrench” in checkout process.  I then noticed that on the right side it says Verizon will bill $30 for an activation fee for the new phone. 

The Moto X is not $49.99 as indicated by Verizon’s website (this was only through 11/18 and is now back up to $99.  On top of that there is the $30 activation fee Verizon charges as standard.  This is a process that led me to shake my head and try chatting with Moto X customer specialist.  This person “Franzel” was unable to help and just apologized. 

I hope a Motorola supervisor does not have to check out using the moto maker x site and if they did, they would realize what a terrible process it is.  To go through the trouble of designing a custom phone and then being informed you need to enter in more info for a background/credit check is absurd and uncool.  There have been complaints on the Motorola Facebook page.  Designed by you, Assembled in the USA might be the tagline and a shot at Apple, but the Moto X checkout process is one that should X’d.

People think this stock is Twitter


It is not. 

Tweeter Home Entertainment (TWTRQ) was a consumer electronics retailer that sold TVs, car radios, home theater systems, and the like at more than 100 U.S. stores. In 2007 it filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and had its assets sold to a new owner, who also filed for Chapter 11 a year later.

So why did shares of Tweeter stock jump more than 1500% this morning?

hah who would not do their research and base buying this stock off of 5 similar ticker symbol letters?

Brooklyn Defender - Great work Cliff Chiang, Tony Millionaire, M. Glaser, and BKBrew.  This just launched this past weekend and get a limited pint glass of the BK Defender at one of these spots in the upcoming weeks!

Brooklyn Defender - Great work Cliff Chiang, Tony Millionaire, M. Glaser, and BKBrew.  This just launched this past weekend and get a limited pint glass of the BK Defender at one of these spots in the upcoming weeks!

Great post on increasing social media reach!

Check out this post from D. Rowse on creative ways to engage people rather than being bland!

How I Increased Facebook Reach and Engagement by 200-300% This Week”

Hyperloop Proposal Feedback

I read through the Hyperloop Alpha Proposal which you can too here

Here is some initial feedback and comments I wanted to share:

I live in New York – I am not an engineer or transportation scientist by any means.  However, I have a keen interest in technology and how to make life more efficient, smarter by design.  I had done some research on the subway systems expansions currently going on in NYC and there are some items to strongly consider in this plan:

1. The stations and infrastructure for a high-speed transport system is just as important, if not more than the capsule or method of transport (Building stations would be extremely costly and would end up like the Second Ave Subway line with billions lost since 1970s (  Today this is still costing billions -

2. If this project is to be like Linux, then create an open website where people can contribute instantly to the topic, sort of like a github or a wikipedia site.

3. Look at existing examples:
This project above in Japan is $64 billion, or even look at hydraulic powered roller coasters!

I think the Hyperloop is exciting and there is a need for a high-speed transport system that is safe, reliable, and makes travel easy.

In New York, there is the Long Island Expressway which could be used as an example for certain exits since it is mainly straight and there is already an HOV lane (used for carpooling).  There is also the Long Island Railroad here which is in dire need of a makeover.  In Germany, some highways have lights along the way powered by solar panels in the trenches along the road.

A system I could see working in New York is to re-do the existing subway tracks and for some lines to incorporate air-propulsion and smarter technology.  Improving the current transportation systems or reinventing it should be a collective city goal.  For example, what is the average capacity of a subway train in NYC and how many people are on a train at once?  With analytics and data on these facts, then the infrastructure and transportation experience could be improved.

One way to solve waiting for trains is to eliminate having trains altogether and to instead have a constantly moving belt that slows for people to walk on and then picks up speed in between stations.  This would be low maintenance and belts would be segmented for easy replacement.  Let me know your thoughts on the Hyperloop and if you have any ideas for improving transportation!

My new business card design, let me know your thoughts!  I used a modern looking serif font called Footlight MT Light and tried to keep it simple yet professional looking.

My new business card design, let me know your thoughts!  I used a modern looking serif font called Footlight MT Light and tried to keep it simple yet professional looking.

What are key strategies to acquire first 100K users with zero marketing budget?

Answer by Noah Kagan:

#1 Make a great product but y’all know that so I’ll just dive into the tactics

#2 Create your target marketing sheet. See this: Quant Based Marketing for Start Ups

#3 Partner with similar companies and create benefit for them to email their free users

#4 Reach out to offline Meetup groups who generally have 200-1,000 person mailing lists

#5 Befriend owners of Facebook pages and see if you can do contests for an in-kind trade

#6 Go to the /subreddit (Page on Reddit) related to your business and leave comments

#7 Search 5-10 keywords related to you on Google and leave comments on those related pages.

#8 Give away free content or ask partners (like I did with My Travel Hacks & Free Luggage for Your Next Adventure (Part 2))

#9 Go write guest posts for any site that’s related. Use Technorati or ask your existing customers which sites they like to go to.

#10 Email the existing users you have asking for them to refer other people. This sounds obvious but hardly ANYONE does it. It helps if your product doesn’t suck ass.

#11 Leave video responses on popular-related YouTube Videos

#12 Manually reach out and connect with your first 1000 customers. More likely they are MORE important than then 99,000 next people you’ll get

#13 Raise your prices so you don’t need to get so many people :)

#14 Manually reach out to Twitter / Facebook followers of your competitors

#15 Look at new channels that have less competition (rules) like snapchat, pinterest, instagram to drive traffic

#16 Consider going international where traffic is cheaper (okay, you’re not paying but you know what I’m saying)

#17 Evaluate doing mobile related marketing since it’s more affordable (less competition)

#18 Get your site featured on,, Thrillist, DailyCandy, Groupon or some site that promotes others.

I’ve done this 3 times with, and
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